Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10:29 - Kitchen Time

Sitting in a kitchen with a half a mind still able to comprehend, at this point it doesn't matter, just watching these awesome people share there lives and beliefs is a blessing. I don't need to speak, I don't need to interject. It's time to listen and learn more about my friends. Ultimately, it's about a family and that's what we are becoming ... a family! This isn't a tarradiddle, I speak from my heart. I'm learning to love these guys more and more each day, as I do with God. The longer the discussion and bonding goes on, the larger our group seems to become. A roommate comes out of her sleep to join our time together.... because these moments are special. This is a great house and I thank God for always giving me the best!

I love you guys! :)

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