Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Eventful Night

My calendar declared it be an eventful Saturday evening and so I humbly obeyed. Plans began around 7pm that night and so I found myself trapped in front of a screen of dreams before the time came. A "New Song" to the Lord had been professed from my lips and so I felt an urge to begin production on this song of praise. "Just one more edit, one more listen through" I kept telling myself as the clock ticked in my head. It was less a feeling of stress and more a feeling of infatuation. I looked up and saw the time had come and after a quick Command+S I was off to my first event of the night.

After the switching of trains and singing of songs in the subway,

(yes I have become that crazy guy who sings in public)

I reached event number one. This event became the proclamation of a man, my friend, stating (a summary of the event)"I will pastor, I will preach but not only on a pulput to the flock, and to the world, but more importantly to myself, for in times of question and unenthusiasm I will stand strong in the Lord reminding myself who I serve and of his greatness and mercy." and so he became ordained and was prayed over by Godly men thus bringing about a new chapter in his life and proud smile on my face. After hugs and conversations, laughs and some sweets, the next event called out and with the bidding of adieu I left in the night to the place I lay my head.

I few more songs sung out loud on a subway and I made it back to my house. I was surprisingly early for my next event because the prayers and praises to God had lingered on much longer than anticipated. The extension was also due to a guest that had come to the house of prayer. He was a man who spoke God's words, a man of the prophetic and he became my unanticipated next encounter, for this man I asked to pray over me and so he did. After his blessings I knew it was time and with thoughts and questions in my head I went upstairs. The house had prepared for this night all day. We had made cake and cookies, decorated and invited guests. Now we waited for her to walk up the stairs to a room of friends. "Happy Birthday!" we all excalaimed and so the joy consumed her and she was glad. "We did good!" Shear Genius said to me and with that I knew the night had just begun.

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