Monday, March 29, 2010


Day one a man feels in need of a quick rest and so he lays his head down, but when he awakes he finds he has slept for much to long and has missed a scheduled choir practice. Day two the man feels a little tired and decided to try to take a small nap once again. 5 hours pass by when he frantically wakes up finding he has missed a dinner with a great friend and scheduled study time back at his school. He also comes to find out his roommate was locked outside for almost an hour while he caught up on sleep.

I think God is telling me I need to stop taking naps before I make a habit of it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Observer

A man caught in the inner turmoil of questioning the placement of his life finds himself in a room full of people with a purpose, to set a blaze the nations by the takeover of one city. He stands silent watching and listening, aside from talking to the one who hears thoughts. Suddenly a voice, as if he began thinking it, says "What are we gonna do?!" and with merely that simple question an influx of answers come calling out ... "They won't do anything" "They only have power in this little room" "Who can we get from inside", he hears schemes and plans as to what they will do to fight what seems like a pathetic looking group. After all the voices seize a voice of experience breaks through and speaks saying "Even if they rise like Antioch just as every other nation/people falls so will they, all it will take is time". As the people in the room chant "give us the nations" he hears chuckling as if to sarcastically say, 'yes give them nations because they'll know what to do with them'.

With the hope that he might stay far away from any psychiatric hospital he keeps silent only to be bombarded with new pictures and feelings in his head. He sees and feels a picture of the building very protected in a dome. He also sees "creatures" not able to come in on their own but having the ability to be cloaked by "vessels" and so some were able to come in and observe but had little power inside. Above the building he sees a huge force coming down towards them and it was a good force, the force the people needed. He immediately stands up waiting for it's arrival but it never comes. It was still on it's way but to him it seemed like it was very close and so he was left waiting.... for he knew when IT came all would know.

Monday, March 1, 2010

40 days - day 1

Woke up with a realization that I had much to do today and I slept in way too late. My eyes gazed at a screen as I made pictures into music and then turned that composition into language a person who can read scores could understand. From there my day went likes this..... Class, Class, HW, Class, Review part with Singer, Studio Session, Choir, Practice my vocal part, Studio Session, Worship on the bus, Worship on the street, Worship in the house. What I learned today, I should have worshipped through it all!

.... Lesson 1 of my 40 days :)

I Stand for Israel