Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Gay Peeps-

So, I just saw a trailer for a video about how the Mormon's hate gays, sneakily won PROP 8 by money, etc....?

Ok just want to let you all know out there that I am pretty darn sure Mormons don't have religious text that say gays have to be put to death... ISLAM does though

Disagreement versus Murder

Maybe you should use your energy fighting the peeps whose text DEMANDS your DEATH..... your choice though


  1. We gays fight for the rights of all gays around the world. The fight here in our country is a battle that has a direct effect on those in this country and why we have a more visible fight against the Mormon church.

    There are organizations that are out there fighting persecution because of sexuality and using politics to save those who flee from radical Muslim because of it.

  2. Am I missing something?
    Were those Mormons that were going around San Francisco shooting Gays with BB Guns?
    Is it the Mormons that are trying to dance upon the graves of Americans at Ground Zero with a Mega Mosque that calls for Sharia Law?
    Soft Sharia has already been voluntarily enforced here in America by Facebook, Comedy Central, etc. There is no other minority that has garnered that type of support.
    Last month The American Academy of Pediatrics tried to approve Female Genital Mutilation on little girls in America to appease "Islamic Cultural diversity". How does that not affect Lesbians in America?
    Islamic taxi drivers are now getting so bold as to not allow seeing eye dogs in their cabs, because dogs are unclean animals, and they are getting away with it. Are there no blind gays?
    Wake up people! Their is a new minority of choice in America, and you shouldn't underestimate them because they are deadly.


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