Thursday, June 17, 2010


It was verbalized to me that the time in the shop would take only 1-3 days and my autograph covered a page that said maybe '3-5 days'. Day six arrived and anxiety set in, Withdraw had been rearing its ugly head as it does when a person is an addict like myself but the grace of my fellow room companions kept my mental state in the yellow. There was only one thing to do... to the phone I went. The females voice on the other end of the line let me know they had misdiagnosed the problem and new parts were being ordered. She also let me know that the conclusion of this repair was unknown... UNKNOWN?!?!

'Why couldn't there had been more communication on their end?' I asked myself.

Forgiveness set and I waited until day 7 to walk into the store myself. On day 7 I was told the same runaround but this time they apologized and gave me an ETA on the issue....

'tomorrow' he said.

Early on the 8th day I received a call that my computer was done and joy set into my bones. Though I was happy, at this point I was ready to tell them how I felt. Entering the store I received my computer and noticed all the work they had done by misdiagnosing it. I had received, all free, a new battery, new logic board, a whole new front panel, battery connections, etc. It's like a whole new computer! Oh, how God just loves me!

-Also while I am on the topic of praising God

I needed some more money for this summer and found out I have a check coming from a job I did a year ago.


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