Thursday, July 15, 2010

#6 - John Adams - HARMONIUM

#6 - John Adams - HARMONIUM
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Chorus 

Artist: John Adams (Harmonium)

Songs : Part 1: "Negative Love"; Part 2: "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" "Wild Nights

Choice Album :  Harmonielehre, City of Birmingham Symphony (Simon Rattle, cond.); Grand Pianola Music, Solist New York (Ransom Wilson, cond.)

Next Stop : Steve Reich: Reich Remixed

After That : Miles Davis: The Complete in a Silent Way Sessions

Review:  "I can listen to classical music any time, anywhere!"

Audio below: Adams joins Charles Amirkhanian to discuss the music as well as his work with the San Francisco Symphony’s New and Unusual Music series which he directs and which was about to launch its second season, the recordings of which are also available on

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Sorry, I'm Wrong, You're Right - Let's say it together! (#5)

Why is it so hard for humans, including myself, to be humble and admit we messed up or are wrong.  We do anything and everything to avoid it. Here are some of my favorite reactions when people are called out for being wrong or for messing up!

  1. The never actually agreeing he/she is wrong and acting as if agreeing with aspects of the truth presented some how validate the being wrong part response.
  2. The makes a clever joke, in some odd way, releasing the need for any humbling response.
  3. The I don't want to apologize, but I'll try to say something quick that may suffice response (i.e.- "my bad")
  4. The I'm going to pull out all the times you have ever done wrong or been wrong in the past response (as seen in many dysfunctional couple fights, lol)
  5. The silence response
  6. The you're annoying me with your facts/lectures and I don't have time response
  7. The I'm going to make a sad face, which will hopefully translate response
  8. The cry and divert my mess up into people comforting me response
  9. The tossing of insults response
  10. The I'm in denial response (wait that's all of them, lol)
  11. The breaking out into a dance number response (okay I have not experienced this one but if I had this would be my favorite!!!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#4 The Abyssinian Baptist Choir

Artist: The Abyssinian Baptist Choir

Songs : "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody"  "He is Such and Understanding God"

Next Stop : Gospel Soul Children: Gospel Soul Children of New Orleans"

After That : Various Artists: Jubilation! Great Gospel Performance. Vols. 1 and 2

Review:  "You can't ever go bad praising the King!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Will we be silenced? (#3)

Liberal democrat documentary film maker, GiGi Gaston, investigated voting fraud allegations in Texas to prove them wrong, only to be convinced that they were blatently happening! Her film is called "We will not be silenced 2008". It is on youtube:

I know my generation doesn't fully understand the blessing of having ones vote count and how can we for we've never experienced a life in contrary or had to fight for anything.  How can we even understand when the freedom begins to be taken away?  A disease will not be diagnosed if a person has never been aware of the symptoms and it especially will be hard if it's a 'silent killer' (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.) because the symptoms are very specific.  These are not 'silent symptoms' anymore though and so no excuse can be granted any further.  We must recognize and discern the happenings around us for the GOV seem to be getting much more away from "of the people, by the people, for the people" and it will keep on this path for it has nothing to fear.  Our generation is not one to stand up, because we don't understand what it is we're losing or even how we would go about 'standing up'.  The last protest I was apart of (~10,000 people) I found it odd that most all the people were adults to elders and that there was a lack of protesters in my age range(college age and younger).  Why is it that adults are getting off work and old people are taking a trip from their retirement homes to protest?  They've been in this world a lot longer than us, maybe we should at least heed what they are saying and doing.

.....  Or we can keep chalking it up to them being behind the times, assuming thru their 40+ years here on Earth they were oblivious to politics and the world.  Pride will always lead to a fall....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

#2 -Dini Mint Abba and Khalifa Ould Eide

Artist: Dini Mint Abba and Khalifa Ould Eide

Songs : "Waidalal Waidalal"  "Yar Allahoo"  "Sawt Elfan"

Choice Album :  "Music and Songs of Mauritania"

Next Stop : "Tinariwen: Amassakoul"

After That : "Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective; Watina"

Review:  "I think the world music genre is too broad - for this is specifically a middle eastern style opposed to an Asian style"

Sorry this is the best I could find (interrupts every 30 seconds)

Read full review of Moorish Music from Mauritania - Khalifa Ould Eide, Dimi Mint Abba on ©

Thursday, July 8, 2010

#1 - Abba - 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before you Die

I had credit at Trident Bookstore and decide to use it to purchase two books, one by Author C.S. Lewis 'Mere Christianity', which I am very excited about, and another by Tom Moon '1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die'.  I am tempting to listen through this book every day...  We'll see how this goes :)  The book is arranged alphabetically and so my first artist on the list is ABBA.  I'm not much on music reviews but I figure I will post the new songs each day in hopes others share this journey with me.  I will be focusing on the songs rather than the full album choices and the related artist listening but I will post all the information on my blog for you guys!  Please comment and give me your opinions on the artists/songs as well!

Artist: ABBA

Songs : "SOS"  "Waterloo"  "Take a Chance on Me"  "Fernando"  "Dancing Queen"

Choice Album :  "Arrival"

Next Stop : "The Cardigans: Life"

After That : "Duran Duran: Rio"

Review:  "Yeah the 70's!"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

California's Tasting Earth Shakes?

Earth                 Shake

In The Wall Street Journal it was said that Borrego Springs Resort had "some items fall off shelves and water slosh out of the pool." after a 5.4 Earthquake in Palm Springs, California last Wednesday.  The report also said that the earthquake was felt for 30 seconds and extend as far as 100 miles in diameter!  Could this be a preface of what's to come?  In a Fox News Article it reported :

"... scientists believe a tremendous earthquake in California is almost inevitable. In 2008, a multi-disciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers released the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast (UCERF), which predicts a 99.7 percent likelihood of a 6.7 or larger earthquake in California in the next 30 years."

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was measured around 7.7 - 7.9.  Could this next big quake out do what its predecessor did?  Will San Francisco fall off into the ocean this time?

Stay tuned and remember ... Not all shakes taste great

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Which Firework is your Favorite?

I hope you all have a splendiferous Independence Day! 

Praise God for the blessings he has given us!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alias isn't just a TV Show!!!

 I just found out girl spies, 
like in the TV show Alias (played by Jennifer Garner), do exist!!!

Sidney Bristow: TV Show Spy

For all you girls out there that wanted to be spies, 
it's not just in tv shows and movies, it's real and you can be one!!! 


Anna Chapman: Russian Spy

This whole finding has made me question everything I thought I knew!


Can cartoon characters really fall into wells and end up in NY??? - Enchanted

Are toys actually alive??? - Toy Story 3

Are Transformers really hiding amongst us in the form of automobiles??? - Transformers 

Is deja vu really a glitch in the matrix?  - The Matrix

Are there people in the world that sing that bad? - American Idol

Are there vegetarian vampires? - Twilight Saga

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a terminator from the future? - The Terminator

Are some doctors that mean? - House

Are there schools where people break out in musical numbers? - High School Music / Glee

Can some rats even cook food better than me? - Ratouille

Is there a Dwight Schrute out there in the world? - The Office  

I'm just so confused now! :P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse - like God and the Church?

After going to the theatre to watch Eclipse, which blew 'New Moon' out of the water, I realized some things...

First....  I observed by scanning the theatre that the age range was very diverse and most importantly I wasn't the only guy who liked the Twilight Sagas!!!

Second... I think my favorite character is Alice Cullen probably because she's cute, can see in the future, and is pasty white.  So, naturally I am in love with her, lol :P

Third....  I observed something very interesting in this twilight saga....


I found the love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen very much parallel to God and the Church.  Just keep reading...  

-Edward loves Bella even though she never gives her heart fully to Edward proving it by saying 'I love Jacob, but I love you more'.  The church not fully giving themselves to God has become a 'norm' but God loves us no matter what.

-In this movie she even goes so far as to except an engagement ring from Edward but refuses to wear it because of how Jacob Black will react. The church does this by excepting God's invitation as the bride of Christ but keeping it 'a secret' to the world by its luke-warm passion and fear of persecution.

-A little while after, still not wearing the ring, Bella tells Jacob to kiss her(this isn't just a little kiss)!  The church excepts God yet openly live a life in sin and unrighteousness, giving there 'kisses' to another lover.

-Also Edward tells Jacob that he would let Bella go if she wanted to be with Jacob.  God gives us free will and doesn't make us choose him but He longs for us to!

-Finally I saw the world and its temptation, in Jacob, when he said to Bella"You don't have to change for me Bella".  Jacob said this because Bella was going to give up her physical life to live an eternal one with Edward and become a vampire (FACT: In becoming a vampire you literally die in flesh).  Is this not the struggle the church has with the world? The struggle is between choosing to die to flesh and live forever with God or choosing to live as we are now in our sinful ways away from God eternally.

So, there you go.... This is what makes Eclipse - like God and the Church

I wrote this down because I thought it was an interesting perspective but in no way am I saying that the Twilight Sagas are 'Jesus inspired' and should be watched with hopes of receiving revelations from God, incite into the Bible, etc.  I am just a guy making clever parallels, lol.

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