Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alias isn't just a TV Show!!!

 I just found out girl spies, 
like in the TV show Alias (played by Jennifer Garner), do exist!!!

Sidney Bristow: TV Show Spy

For all you girls out there that wanted to be spies, 
it's not just in tv shows and movies, it's real and you can be one!!! 


Anna Chapman: Russian Spy

This whole finding has made me question everything I thought I knew!


Can cartoon characters really fall into wells and end up in NY??? - Enchanted

Are toys actually alive??? - Toy Story 3

Are Transformers really hiding amongst us in the form of automobiles??? - Transformers 

Is deja vu really a glitch in the matrix?  - The Matrix

Are there people in the world that sing that bad? - American Idol

Are there vegetarian vampires? - Twilight Saga

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a terminator from the future? - The Terminator

Are some doctors that mean? - House

Are there schools where people break out in musical numbers? - High School Music / Glee

Can some rats even cook food better than me? - Ratouille

Is there a Dwight Schrute out there in the world? - The Office  

I'm just so confused now! :P

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