Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse - like God and the Church?

After going to the theatre to watch Eclipse, which blew 'New Moon' out of the water, I realized some things...

First....  I observed by scanning the theatre that the age range was very diverse and most importantly I wasn't the only guy who liked the Twilight Sagas!!!

Second... I think my favorite character is Alice Cullen probably because she's cute, can see in the future, and is pasty white.  So, naturally I am in love with her, lol :P

Third....  I observed something very interesting in this twilight saga....


I found the love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen very much parallel to God and the Church.  Just keep reading...  

-Edward loves Bella even though she never gives her heart fully to Edward proving it by saying 'I love Jacob, but I love you more'.  The church not fully giving themselves to God has become a 'norm' but God loves us no matter what.

-In this movie she even goes so far as to except an engagement ring from Edward but refuses to wear it because of how Jacob Black will react. The church does this by excepting God's invitation as the bride of Christ but keeping it 'a secret' to the world by its luke-warm passion and fear of persecution.

-A little while after, still not wearing the ring, Bella tells Jacob to kiss her(this isn't just a little kiss)!  The church excepts God yet openly live a life in sin and unrighteousness, giving there 'kisses' to another lover.

-Also Edward tells Jacob that he would let Bella go if she wanted to be with Jacob.  God gives us free will and doesn't make us choose him but He longs for us to!

-Finally I saw the world and its temptation, in Jacob, when he said to Bella"You don't have to change for me Bella".  Jacob said this because Bella was going to give up her physical life to live an eternal one with Edward and become a vampire (FACT: In becoming a vampire you literally die in flesh).  Is this not the struggle the church has with the world? The struggle is between choosing to die to flesh and live forever with God or choosing to live as we are now in our sinful ways away from God eternally.

So, there you go.... This is what makes Eclipse - like God and the Church

I wrote this down because I thought it was an interesting perspective but in no way am I saying that the Twilight Sagas are 'Jesus inspired' and should be watched with hopes of receiving revelations from God, incite into the Bible, etc.  I am just a guy making clever parallels, lol.

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