Monday, July 12, 2010

Will we be silenced? (#3)

Liberal democrat documentary film maker, GiGi Gaston, investigated voting fraud allegations in Texas to prove them wrong, only to be convinced that they were blatently happening! Her film is called "We will not be silenced 2008". It is on youtube:

I know my generation doesn't fully understand the blessing of having ones vote count and how can we for we've never experienced a life in contrary or had to fight for anything.  How can we even understand when the freedom begins to be taken away?  A disease will not be diagnosed if a person has never been aware of the symptoms and it especially will be hard if it's a 'silent killer' (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.) because the symptoms are very specific.  These are not 'silent symptoms' anymore though and so no excuse can be granted any further.  We must recognize and discern the happenings around us for the GOV seem to be getting much more away from "of the people, by the people, for the people" and it will keep on this path for it has nothing to fear.  Our generation is not one to stand up, because we don't understand what it is we're losing or even how we would go about 'standing up'.  The last protest I was apart of (~10,000 people) I found it odd that most all the people were adults to elders and that there was a lack of protesters in my age range(college age and younger).  Why is it that adults are getting off work and old people are taking a trip from their retirement homes to protest?  They've been in this world a lot longer than us, maybe we should at least heed what they are saying and doing.

.....  Or we can keep chalking it up to them being behind the times, assuming thru their 40+ years here on Earth they were oblivious to politics and the world.  Pride will always lead to a fall....

#3 The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra

Artist: The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra

Songs : "Blu Blu Blu"  "One for the Whistler"  "Stretch Time"

Choice Album :  Rejoiceing with the Light; Sightsing: View from Within

Next Stop : Art Ensemble of Chicago; Urban Bushmen

After That : Henry Threadgill: Too Much Sugar for a Dima

Review:  "Jazz... "

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