Friday, April 22, 2011

Praying about Muslims 'Rejection of the Cross'- Friday April 22 2011

This week we pray about Muslims 'Rejection of the Cross'- Friday April 22 2011

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'Praying for Muslims: A guide for effective Intercession 2011'

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Please join in each FRIDAY in INTERCEDING and FASTING(one meal) for Muslims and those on the FRONT LINES reaching out to Muslims.   

Today, we remember Jesus' crucifixion, the only means by which we have eternal life.  Islam rejects the fact that Jesus died on the cross.  The Qur'an states that He was never crucified and that He was never died; rather God lifted Him up alive to heaven.  Muslims reason that God would not let Jesus, the good prophet, die such an ignominious death on a cross for sins committed by others.  

Muslims cannot see the seriousness of humans' sinful nature, so they rule out the need for redemption.  For them the cross is foolishness.

For the message of the cross is sheer nonsense for those who are lost, but for us who are being saved, it is the power of God (1 Corinthians 1:18, Sharif Bible)

God Almighty, our loving heavenly Father, we acknowledge You as our eternal Redeemer.  We come humbly, awed by your love and Jesus' sacrifice at Calvary.  What same and pain He endured to save us from sin and doom!  The Lamb of god died to give us life.  Thank You

I turn my attention to my Muslims friends who do not understand that Christ's death on the cross was Your supreme gift to sinful humans.  Help them to realize that they are sinners in need of redemption. show them the power of the Cross that saves us from sin and transforms our lives from darkness to light from the kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God.

Convict them of their serious sin of rejecting the Cross.  Help them believe Your Word and accept Your Gospel.  I plead for Muslims that they will believe that Jesus died to redeem them from their sins and rose to justify them.  Remove the veil from their minds. open their eyes.  Capture their hearts with Your love.

Glory be to Christ, the first and the Last, the living One who died and who is alive for ever and ever . Amen.

'Praying for Muslims: A guide for Effective Intercession 2011' is now out.  For inquiries on how to receive the new guide please email  I also have many extra copies for those of you who live close.

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